Welcome to HelpMyElectricBill.com .  Our aim is to help you control your electric bill during these times of rising energy costs.

We create energy conservation and generation plans for residential, small business, commercial, industrial, educational and muninciple arenas. Our goal is to help educate our clients with the many different energy efficiency products and services becoming available today.

Creating an overall energy plan and then implementing those plans, phase by phase, can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. We will help you through this process of determining your plans and what will give you your best return on your investment.  Starting on your plans can be confusing.  Through education we will help connect the dots. This is where we can be your partners.

Being good stewards of our environment can also make a difference in our budgets if we look first at conservation, then generation strategies.  Making smart decisions side by side.  Understanding how to calculate your return on investment is important in implementing your energy plan.  Knowing how to finance your plans and where to go look for help  is part of our services.

Listening to YOUR needs and what it is that you want to accomplish by being more energy efficient is where we begin.  This is YOUR energy plan.  So, let’s begin the process.  View the different pages here on our website, begin the education process, ask questions, do your research.  As your energy solution partners we will together develop great energy results!

Red Core Heater

The addition of an Infrared Heater to your home is the perfect energy saving solution for all of your heating needs!